Documentaries. The society we can never change? 2011
Nobody is innocent 20 years later
  • Director: Sarah Minter

    Since 1982 she makes films in super 8 and 16mm, Video installations and video art. Her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, universities, festivals, etc. mainly in America and Europe. S he has won several national and international awards including the Award Coral International Film Festival of Havana, Pitirri Award International Film Festival in San Juan Puerto Rico, Special Prize in the Ethnographic Film Festival in Berlin, Germany.

Mexico,  2010,  72 min.
Documentaries. The society we can never change?

2008, Ciudad Neza and the great metropolis. The characters are all young adults between 38 and 45. They share three things: they grew up in CiudadNeza, they belonged to the same gang “Los Mierdas Punk” (The PunkShits) and they all starred in the documentary “Nadieesinocente” (Nobody is innocent), filmed in 1986 by Sarah Minter. Now, twenty years later, she shows us their current lives and their memories of the past, reconstructing their footprints and weaves a new visual map of the city and other geographies through these characters’ present as they confront their achievements, frustrations and the nostalgia for their past and youthful dreams.