Сompetition 2011
Night Fishing
  • Director: Park Chan-wook

    Born in Seoul, graduated from Sogang University. His debut feature film was The Moon Is... the Sun's Dream (1992). In 2000, directed Joint Security Area, which was a great success both commercially and critically. He won the Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival for the film Oldboy, In 2011, his new fantasy-horror film Paranmanjang (Night Fishing) was shot entirely on the iPhone.

  • Director: Park Chan-kyong

    Brother of Chan-wook Park. With background in painting and photography he has produced works of photography, video installation, art dealing with themes of Cold War, Separation of North and South Korea, and the culture of traditional religion in Korea. He has exhibitions in a number of prestigious art galleries around the world.

Korea, South,  2011,  30 min.
Oh Kwang-rok, Lee Jung Hyun

A man is enjoying night fishing on the quiet riverside. The man hasn’t caught much fish and just sits, waiting. Just then, something big is caught. It’s not something he can put on his dinner plate but the body of a mysterious young woman in white funeral dress crying in a little girl’s voice, calling him “daddy”…