Not just for kids. Kids + parents = cinema 2011
My dad Baryshnikov
  • Director: Dmitriy Povolotskiy

    Born in Moscow. Graduated from Choreography School affiliated with the Bolshoy theatre. Studied in Juilliard ballet school in New York. For seven years Dmitriy was a dancer in “Metripolitan-opera”. He graduated from Higher Courses for Directors in Columbia with the diploma work – short film “Pal/Secam”.

Russia,  2011,  88 min.
Dmitriy Vyskubenko
Not just for kids. Kids + parents = cinema

A bright Russian movie about how to catch your dreams. The modern view of not-so-distant era when we all lived in the same apartments with the same furniture and wore the same clothes. The dream: to be different. Moscow, 1986. Restructuring begins. The charming and awkward boy Boris goes to the Bolshoi Theatre Ballet School, loves disco music, and dreams to dance with the prettiest girl in class; he also reveals a surprising secret: his father is the great dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.