Documentary. Earth that made us 2011
The Forest: Realm of Shadows
  • Director: Jan Haft

    Jan Haft born in 1967. Script writer, director and editing director, cameraman. His room as a child looked like a nature cabinet. Little Jan then swore to always live together with animals and later to work with them. At the beginning of the 1990's, he started as an assistant for an animal film and until 1995 took part in many filming expeditions sometimes spanning several months. In 1996 he founded nautilusTV GbR, which became the nautilusfilm GmbH in 2001, today one of the most successful companies in the German nature film branch.

Germany,  2009,  44 min.
Documentary. Earth that made us

The forest has always inspired various feelings in humans and many stories were written and told about forest life. But neither the fairies and witches, nor the dwarves and giants in these stories can compete with the reality. European forest is a secret place whose inhabitants live clandestine lives. How do innumerable organisms, large and small, live together? Are our forests truly natural or the result of man’s intervention? Do they have anything in common with untouched wilderness?