Documentary. Earth that made us 2011
In the Womb: Extreme Animals
  • Director: Peter Chinn

    Peter Chinn is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with over a decade's experience at the highest level. His films - noted for their strong visual style, energy, and clear storytelling - are critically acclaimed and have won prizes such as an Emmy and a Wildscreen Panda Award. Peter has directed, scripted and produced highly rated primetime projects for broadcasters on both sides of the Atlantic including the BBC, Discovery, National Geographic.

United Kingdom,  2008,  96 min.
Documentary. Earth that made us

For the first time, stunning visual effects, CGI and moving 4D ultrasounds give a unique view into the extraordinary methods of reproduction and gestation in animals across the natural world - from the beginnings of courtship right through to birth and beyond. How does a penguin embryo not freeze? Why does a kangaroo leave its mother half formed? Why are siblings so potentially lethal for many shark foetuses? And what was it about one creature's method of reproduction that caused Darwin to question the existence of God himself?