Not just for kids. Kids + parents = cinema 2011
I am Kalam
  • Director: Nila Madhab Panda

    Nila Madhab Panda is one of India’s emerging generations of innovative young filmmakers. He is one of the final three of “India’s creative future” in 2007 and achieved the “longest Journey award” from British Council. He is also the United Nations Fellow in 2003 for his best work and the UK film Fellowship. His twelve years of experience in documentary and television have given him a strong understanding of contemporary storytelling methods. His films have won him various awards and he has served on the juries of several national and international film festivals. Most his films have been closed to the families and society that he has lived with, a long journey from a village to the metropolitan cities across the globe. He is now into his new film, which is a co-production “The curse of the Rat eaters” will be on floor by the end of the year.

India,  2010,  87 min.
Not just for kids. Kids + parents = cinema

In spite of being born into abject poverty, Chhotu (small one) an inventive child with a cheerful disposition does not let his grim circumstances defeat him. In order to support his family, he works in a small road side food stall during the day; however he spends his evenings voraciously reading books he has somehow managed to gather. He dreams of someday getting an education and commanding his own destiny. The film has been shot in Rajasthan and captures the magnificent hues and the magical ambience of India’s most colorful region.