Russian Cinema 2011
  • Director: Alexandr Zeldovich

    Graduated from MSU, faculty of psychology, than the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors (workshops of Gleb Panfilov and Alexandr Mitt). Since 1986 he has worked as a production director of “Mosfilm” film studio.

Russia,  2010,  154 min.
Maxim Sukhanov, Justine Waddell, Vitaliy Kischenko, Danila Kozlovskiy, Daniela Stoyanovitch
Russian Cinema

Russia 2020. Stability and prosperity triumph in the country: this is a great transitioning country with a strict caste system. The main character is a person from high society, the minister of natural resources, prosperous, rich, married with a beauty and – very unhappy. His friends and he are tired of this happy life… With no hope to change anything, the friends fly to Altay to “Mishen” (the target) – forgotten space ship of the USSR times, which can give perennial youth to everyone who will be able to get inside this object and return the sweets of life…