Russian Cinema 2011
  • Director: Ivan Savelyev

    Born in 1976. Graduated from The Moscow International Film School. He have received an Anti-Booker Prize for the play “The traveling on the brink” (first published in 1995) which was staged by Theatre of Satire immediately. Ivan Savelyev took part in few editions of Lubimovka – festival of contemporary drama – trying to find an extraordinary drama approach. Cadenzas is his first feature film based on his own script.

Russia,  2010,  95 min.
Russian Cinema

It’s a story of modern Moscow: situations, meetings, talking, partings and hopes of only one day in the life of five women: Vera - a lawyer, Asya - a merchandiser, Valya - a translator, Liza - a marketing professional, and Lena - an actress. Five lives… Five novellas…