Russian Cinema 2011
Patria o muerte
  • Director: Vitaly Mansky

    Born in 1963 in Lvov, Ukraine. He graduated from the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) (S.E. Medynskiy’s workshop). He is a famous Russian documentary-maker. His first work in the field of cinematography appeared in 1989, and since that time he has shot more than 30 films. He was a producer of more than 200 projects. His works were presented at many international film festivals, among which we can site forums in Cannes, San-Sebastian, Oberhausen, San-Francisco, Lokarno, Munich, Tampere, Krakow,Yamagata, Sheffield, Rio de Janeiro and many others. Films produced by Manskiy were awarded with more than 30 awards, his films were translated on the leading TV channels of Russia, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Israel, Norway, Australia, Switzerland and many other countries. In 1995 Vitaliy and Natalia Manskaya made an archive of private amateur chronicles. Since 1995 Vitaiy Mansky has been popularizing documentary films on television. Manskiy was the author and producer of the project “Reality Cinema” that was on the air beginning in 1995 on the First Russian Channel. In the same year he became director of the Film Demonstration Service, and then the first General producer of the channel “REN – TV”, on which hundreds of the best documentary films from all over the world were shown for the first time. From summer 1999 to December 2003, he was a director of the film-making and screening department of documentary programs at the state TV channel “Russia-RTR” Since 2000 he has been the General Producer of the National Prize “Lavrovaya Vetv” (Laurel Branch); he is President of the Moscow Documentary Films Festival “ARTDOKFEST”.

Russia,  2011,  99 min.
Russian Cinema

What does a person usually imagine when Cuba is mentioned? A person who has never been there? More likely he/she imagines a cabriolet with happy blonde young men wearing colorful shirts and holding cocktails in their hands, surrounded with dancing mulatto girls, with the reflection of the limitless ocean in their eyes… But in reality there is only the limitless ocean, separating the island from another world, and perhaps, there is no other country except Cuba with so great difference in its image and reality. For more than 50 years the country has been living with the motto of Revolution “PATRIA O MUERTE”. 50 years this motto has been a dilemma for several generations of the Cubans. This film is about the generation, born before the revolution; and today they begin to understand more and more that they can put an identity sign between their “Motherland” and “Death”