Russian Cinema 2011
  • Director: Oleg Flyangolts

    Oleg Flyangolts was born in 1965 in Moscow. In 1986 he entered the Institute of Culture. Since 1988 he has created about 60 video clips for rock-groups and rock-musicians. In 2006 he finished his first documentary full-length film about Viktor Choi the popular Soviet rock-musician, the leader of the band “Kino”.

Russia,  2011,  92 min.
Fedor Bondarchuk, Alexander Bashirov, Sergey Bragin, Artem Prokin, Alexei Taratorin, Yury Pavlov, Alexander Sazonov
Russian Cinema

Zhuzha likes twist and movies with Gerard Fillip. Petya plays cymbals and likes his car “Moskvich” with a gear from “Zaporozhec”. The third one doesn’t like speaking about himself. And it’s better for all the others to hold their tongues in his company… Several days from the life of a young man who fell in love with an older and more experienced girl who can’t understand her own feelings… This film is about Moscow of the 60s and its atmosphere; this film is about young people, about innocence and cunning. Love and chases, dramatic and funny meetings; everything is oddly intertwined in this film…