Made in Vladivostok 2011
  • Director: Julia Solomonova

    Julia Solomonova (Sola Monova). Director, poet. Born in Vladivostok in 1979, where got high education of stage director and economics, and had been working at TV company for more than 7 years. Just a month ago she graduated VGIK, the film-directing facultet, the workshop of S.Soloviev. This film is a diploma.

  • Director: Andrey Harseev

    Born in Moscow in 1989. In 2005 graduated from Moscow International Film School. Since 2007 has been shooting more than 30 music movies for rap-artists. Currently is studying at the Institute of Modern Art (Moscow) at the 5 grade.

Russia,  2011,  20 min.
Aristarkh Venes, doctor Elistratov
Made in Vladivostok

Look, what a strange feeling – the feeling of easiness and freedom. You don’t have a toothache. You don’t want to cry: “mother”, you don’t want to run and hit the wall with your head. And it’s good. It’s good, when no one wants anything. Online relationships are absolutely painless.