Russian Cinema 2011
Five brides
  • Director: Karen Oganesyan (Armenia)

    Born in Armenia in 1978. Studied directing first in TV-directing courses in Erevan, where he made short film "The doors into yourself". In Moscow he entered at worshop of Yuri Grymov. Worked with Grymov as second director and editor on musical videos. He worked as editor for Centeral Partnership film company sinc 2003. In 2006 he made his critical acclaimed feature debut "Time-Out". "Ghost" is his second feature. 

Russia,  2011,  108 min.
Danila Kozlovsky, Artur Smolyaninov, Vladimir Yaglich
Russian Cinema

It was May of 1945. Happy soldiers, having reached Berlin, are ready to come back home and bring their victory. But their service continues and nobody let them go. Brave pilots of pursuit planes are very upset, but the saddest person is a handsome man Vadik Dobromyslov who is going to marry his pen-friend Nasya. When one of the guys, Lyosha Kaverin, is sent to a business trip, Vadik asks his friend to register marriage with Nasya under the surname of Dobromyslov using his military ID and bring her to Berlin as his wife. But everybody wants to marry and as a result Kaverin flies to Saratovskaya Area with the documents of four of his friends. He has to find four brides and register the marriage using the surnames of his friends. He has only 24 hours…