Сompetition 2011
Twilight portrait
  • Director: Angelina Nikonova

    Angelina was born in Rostov-on-Don on the 27th of February in 1976. Having finished high school, she moved to New York and entered the School of Visual Arts on the Film and Video Faculty. “Isosceles” a movie short, her graduation work, got an award at the festivals “Saint Anna”, Moscow and “Cinevue”, Florida. In 2005, she was a director and a producer of the documentary film “Tochka Vozvrata” (“Reversal Point”). In the period from 2001 to 2010 she created seven full-length scripts. One of them is the psychological drama “Portret v Sumerkah” (“The Portrait in the Twilight”) in co-authorship with Olga Dihovichna. This work has been turned into a film and has became the debut of Angelina Niconova as a director.

Russia,  2011,  105 min.
Roman Merinov, Sergey Goludov, Sergey Borisov, Vsevolod Voronov

Accidently appearing in the wrong place at the wrong time, Marina finds herself in a whirligig of dramatic events. She faces humiliation and pain that change her stable, worthwhile life.Marina tries revenge. Day after day she comes back to the town end where she had that fateful meeting. But when Marina found the criminal and was ready to render justice, the young woman makes an absolutely different decision…