• Award
    Prize Winners
  • “9288 km” Award from the Governor of Primorsky Territory
    Michele Placido
  • Yul Brynner Award
    For great perspectives and genuine talent
    Dmitriy Vyskubenko
    My dad Baryshnikov
  • The Audience Choice Award for the Best Russian Film
    Alexander Gordon
    Brothel Lights
  • The Best Actor Award
    For a unique talent for transformation
    Wang Baoqiang
    Mr. Tree
  • The Best Actress Award
    For profound psychological analysis and internal integrity of the created image
  • The Best Director Award
    For the poetic view of the contemporary chinese social issues
    Han Jie
    Mr. Tree
  • The Special Jury Award
    For a complete picture of social thai issues told in a short form
    Pimpaka Towira
    My father
  • The Best Short Film Award
    For an excellent direction in the very beginning of the career
    Halima Ouardiri
  • The Grand-Prix for the Best Feature
    For highly artistic coverage of modern australian aboriginal issues
    Ivan Sen
  • Award for Contribution to World Cinema
    Liza Minnelli