• Award
    Prize Winners
  • Festival Grand Prix for the Best Feature.
    Director, Writer, Producer Eyad Zahra
    The Taqwacores
  • “9288 km” Award from the Governor of Primorsky Territory
    Director, Writer Irina Bakhtina
    Far Eastern Exodus. Island of Russians
  • Organizing committee award for successful debut
    Director Julia Solomonova
    Ship Poem
  • Yul Brynner Award
    За великолепные перспективы и подлинный талант
    Actress Anastasiya Bagrova
    The Elephant
  • The Audience Choice Award for the Best Russian Film
    Actor Evgeny Griskovets
  • The Best Actor Award
    Actor Carlos Gasols
  • The Best Actress Award
    Actress Wai Ying-Hong
    At the End of Daybreak
  • The Best Director Award
    Director, Writer, Producer Alexey Fedorchenko
    Silent Souls
  • The Special Jury Award
    For the “magical moments” to touch the hearts of the audience
    Director, Writer Chi-Jan Hou
    One Day
  • The Best Short Film Award
    Director, Writer Mark Albiston
    The Six Dollar Fifty Man