International Jury

  • Vyacheslav Telnov (Russia)


    Since 1986, he worked as administrator at“Lenfilm Studios”.
    1994-1998 held a position of a commercial director of “First and Experimental Film” studio, St. Petersburg.
    1999-2007 – Director of the General Partnership “St. Petersburg Studio of Documentaries”
    Since 2007 – CEO of the OJSC “Lenfilm Studios”

    Vyacheslav Telnov was the producer of films by Alexey Herman, Vladimir Bortko, Vyacheslav Titov. Among the debutants, “discovered” by Telnov are S. Shimanyuk (“Options for the wedding”), S. Karandashov (“The Wanderer”). The debut film by Sergei Karandashov “The Wanderer” was awarded with the Grand Prix Award and the “9288 km” Award from the Governor of the Primorsky territory of IFF Pacific Meridian in Vladivostok in 2006.

    One of his first producer`s works – “Year of the Dog”, directed by Semen Aranovich, was awarded with the “Silver Bear” of Berlin International Film Festival in 1998.

    The movie “Diamonds” by Rustam Khamdamov, recently produced by Vyacheslav Telnov , was screened within the frames of “Orizzonti” of  Venice IFF, 2010.

    Honored Culture Worker of the Russian Federation 
    Member of the Board of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia 
    Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts “Nick” 
    Member of the Board of Film of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation


  • Julien Cloquet (France)

    Соучредитель компании Archipel Productions.

    Работал с выдающимися европейскими, американскими, российскими режиссерами, национальными и оперными оркестрами.

    С одинаковым успехом проявил себя в игровом, документальном и музыкальном кино.

    Номинант престижных кинофестивалей, в том числе – Канны, 1991 за фильм «Холодная луна», Канны, 2002 за «Край моря», режиссер Жюли Лопес-Курваль, Берлинский кинофестиваль, 2009, фильм «Ненетт»

    Обладатель премии Жана Виго за фильм «Мона и я» (1990), «Премии зрительских симпатий» и «Лучший французский фильм» - фестиваль в Белфорте 2009 за фильм «Цыпочки»; «Золотой леопард» МКФ в Локарно, 2009 за фильм «Она, китаянка».

    В 2002 году был удостоен приза Луи Деллюка за фильм «Быть и иметь», а также премии «Сезар» в 2003 году.

    Работал с Никитой Михалковым над фильмом «Сибирский цирюльник» (1998), с Николя Филибером, Робертом Крамером, Филиппом Гареллем, Клэр Симон, Жан-Жаком  Бенексом, Сяолу Го, Ф. Дж. Оссангом.
    Фильм Ф. Дж. Оссанга «Небо гаснет» (2008), снятый при участии Ж. Клоке, был фильмом закрытия МКФ «Меридианы Тихого» в 2008 году.  


  • Pang Eun-jin (Korea, South)

    After graduating from Chung-Ang University, she worked as a fashion designer but changed her career as an actress with a passion for theater.  In 1994, she made her screen debut and since then she has mainly focused on films. From the very beginning, she was widely regarded as one of the most talented actress. Critical success came quickly with roles in Park Chul-soo's “301, 302” (1995) and Kim Ki-duk's “Address Unknown” (2001). For the role in “301,302” she was awarded with the “Best Actress” at Chunsa Film Art Awards. Her work in “Address Unknown” has brought the “Best Supporting Actress” of Grand Bell Award.

    Pang Eun-jin made her debut as a director and writer with “Princess Aurora” in 2005. The movie received a favorable reception from both critics and audiences. After that, she made 2 short films, “Puff the rice” (2007) and “If You Were Me “(2008), and both films were invited to several film festivals.

    Now she is the host of TBS’s radio program “A Journey into the night” and preparing her next feature film with a Korean production company KM Culture. 

  • Shivajee Chandrabhushan (India)

    Shivajee Chandrabhushan began his career producing music videos for Indian TV. But it was his interest in photography and travelling coupled with a love for film making which culminated into a journey to Ladakh. With a firm belief that any project undertaken should be made with love and dedication, Shivajee began the grueling task of producing and directing Frozen- his first feature length film. 

    His first film Frozen has won 20 International Awards, including, Best Director at Cines Del Sur, Spain, Special Jury at Osian’s Cinefan, Best Film and Best Music at Imagine India Festival, Madrid, and Grand Prix for the Best Feature at IFF “Pacific Meridian” in Vladivostok, 2008.

    It was screened at prestigious Festivals like Rotterdam, Palm Springs, San Francisco, and Toronto International Film Festival among many others.

    He has also won the highest award for Films in India, the Indira Gandhi National Award for Best First Feature of a director.

  • Yu Likwai (Hong Kong)

    Born in 1966 in Hong Kong, Yu Likwai graduated from INSAS (Institut National Superieur des Arts de Spectacle, Belgium) in 1994, majoring in cinematography.

    Yu is considered to be one of the leading cinematographers in China and Hong Kong (he is famous for his collaborations with the outstanding Chinese directors Jia Zhangke, Wong Karwai amd Pang Hocheang).

    He has served as director of photography for nearly all of Jia Zhangke's films, including: “Still life” (2006), which was awarded with the “Golden Lion” of the 63d Venice IFF, and Best Cinematography, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award; “24 City” – the participant of the Official Selection-Competition, the 61th Cannes International Film Festival, and “Panorama” program of the 7th edition of IFF “Pacific Meridian, Vladivostok; “I wish I knew” (2010) - Un Certain Regard, The 63th Cannes International Film Festival.

    Among his director works are: “All tomorrow’s parties” (2003) – the participant of the Un Certain Regard of the 56th Cannes IFF, which was awarded with the “Special Jury Award” at IFF “Pacific Meridian” in 2004; “Plastic city” - Competition of the 65rd Venice International Film Festival.

    Along with Jia Zhangke, the two men founded their own independent film production company, Xstream Pictures.