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Director: William Vega
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Director: Kongdej Jaturanrasmee
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Director: JEON Kyu-hwan
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Director: Sebastián Lelio
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Director: CAI Shang Jun
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Director: Chen Zhuo
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Director: Juan Andrés Arango
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Director: Edwin (Indonesia)
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Director: Pavel Ruminov (Russia)
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Sergey Pak
General Director
of  IFF of Asian Pacific countries
in Vladivostok
“Pacific Meridian” (2010-2012)


Dear colleagues and visitors of this site!

I hope everything is OK with you if you have found   time to visit the official site of the festival 2003-2012, and, perhaps, learn something interesting for yourselves.

“21st CENTURY” Co.,Ltd  which I’ve been running for a long time, prepared and held 8th , 9th  and 10th  Pacific Meridian International Film Festivals of Asian Pacific countries in Vladivostok for the 3 previous years. Having completed this project, I’d like to summarize the results and, of course, express my deepest gratitude to all those who participated in this tremendous work.

The first Pacific Meridian International Film Festival took place in 2003. At that time, the program of the first festival contained 54 films from 16 countries, and in 2012, over 200 films from 44 countries were screened; besides that, 2 world premieres, 8 international and 61 Russian premiere screenings  were held. It goes without saying, that we should give due credit to the organizers of all ten Pacific Meridian Festivals. But to my mind, the main reason for such growth was the constant support from the Governor of Primorsky Region Sergei Darkin, the Honorary President of the festival, who always understood the importance of major international projects in cultural sphere, which position Primorsky Krai capital as just another Asian-Pacific cultural center – young but rapidly growing.  

There’s no point in recounting what was done in our three years. It’ll take a long time. I’m going to tell about what we did for the first time. 

We were the first to start the annual tradition of inviting European and international movie stars to our festival, among them were:  Gérard Depardieu, Ornella Muti, Michele Placido ( the irresistible commissar  Cattani ), Vincent Pérez, Michelle Barton, Daryl Hannah and Liza Minnelli.

For the first time Cinetour program reached all municipal areas of Prymorsrky Krai without exceptions. Popular Russian film and theater actors and actresses had creative meetings in 12 towns and 22 municipal districts of Prymorye.

It was for the first time that the international jury of NETPAC, a most authoritative organization in the movie world, took part in the work of our festival.

For the first time, we presented our festival at the biggest international film forum – Hong Kong film market.

For the first time, a large scale publicity campaign was held in all leading world film mass media   on the eve of the 10th jubilee festival. Publicity posters, articles and interviews were published in the Hollywood Reporter, Screen Daily  and were disseminated at the most renowned festivals such as Berlin, Hong Kong and Cannes festivals when they were being held.

For the first time,   we built a festival village on the embankment of the Vladivostok Sportivnaya Harbor, thus enlarging our audience – there was an open air cinema, a dance floor, a video art  and various exhibitions.

For the first time, the festival launched a charity campaign, and we purchased video and other equipment for  Prymorye orphanages with the money we had raised from selling tickets to the Opening Ceremony.

For the first time in the history of the festival, the Festival Management  and  the Far Eastern federal university signed  a Cooperation agreement within the framework of which  the Pacific Meridian at that time became not only the greatest cultural event in our region but also an education and practice center for the University students, graduates and Master degree undergraduates. Our young colleagues prepared their course papers, had their on-the-job training, worked on their graduate papers and then defended them successfully in different educational programs – from Accounting to Hospitality Business, Advertising and Information Technologies.

A lot was done for the first time to modernize and automate the work of all festival services. The software products which equaled and sometimes excelled foreign analogs were created. These are the aspects of the festival management that an outsider can’t possibly see, but which in principle characterize the quality of organizing such major events as an international festival.

The list of debuts at the Meridians of those years is far from being complete.

We had a lot of new projects for the next 2013 festival.  We were preparing a business floor within the festival program. We conducted preliminary talks with representatives of Asian investment funds.

Our plan was to create the first international student short film festival of Asian Pacific countries on the FEFU campus. We were thinking about hundreds and hundreds of professional film schools from all over the world.

I’ll be only glad if those who have taken over, can succeed in realizing these initiatives.

And now comes the most pleasant part for me.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Larisa Belobrova, the Chairlady of the Festival Organizing committee, Sergei Stepanchenko, the President of the Festival, and Petr Syomin, the Head of the Department of Culture, for their belief in me and invitation to work on that project as well as for the invaluable help they rendered to me and to our team.

I would like to thank Irina Skorobogatova, the Vice-governor, who was the curator of the project, for her competence, high professionalism and delicate attitude.

We are really grateful to Vladivostok Mayor Igor Pushkarev for his help in preparing and holding all three latest festivals and not only those three. 

And heartfelt thanks to the team!   It proved to be a fantastic mixture of experienced veterans and energetic new recruits. You can find their names if you click here: team 2010, team 2011, team 2012.  

I thank all our partners - both big and not quite as big – we would  have had hard time without you!  

And last but not the least – great respect to our volunteers! They helped us, encouraged and made us happy with their youth.

I want to finish my letter by quoting an intelligent and charming personality and a talented filmmaker Alexander Adabashyan: What we’ve got is what we wanted.  

Go to the movies!
Pak S.

March  22,  2013


The Grand-Prix for the Best Feature
The Best Short Film Award
The Special Jury Award